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Formulated and Made in Australia

Nourishing Series

A nature nourishing formulation envelops hair fibers in a veil of cleanliness and comfort.

Volumizing Series

A lifting formulation to enhance hair growth ,and create volume, making hair thicker.

Strengthening Series

A rich formulation to cleanse and repair weak, unmanageable, super dry hair, leaving hair looking healthy and hydrated.

Why  Us

Our hair faces challenges day to day. Whether it be from sun exposure, hair styling and blowing, or affected by our mental state of mind. It is forgotten knowledge that our hair acts as a ‘health barometer’ to our body and for this reason, our hair deserves al I our attention.
At BEAUCON, our goal is to help your hair and scalp cope with daily challenges. We have abandoned the harmful ingredients, and chosen Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western herbs to achieve the perfect balance of hair care. Our shampoos and conditioners create hair of lustre and ra­diance, while also avoiding and preventing hair roots and split ends caused by alkaline shampoos and conditioners.
Our dedication is chosen for the comfort of all hair, and we wish to bring this comfort from healthy hair to all aspects of our lives. This is the original intention of BEAUCON .



21 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead, 4116, QLD, Australia



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