From Ingredients to Formulation

At BEAUCON are committed to creating the best natural skin care possible that not only delivers results, but also provide nourishment to your hair with nature’s powerful healing properties.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been in existence for over thousands of years and we want to keep this tradition, as there is no doubt that it can contribute to our wellbeing in the many years to come.

At BEAUCON, we rely on tradition and trust the science. Traditional Chinese herbs have been a fascination for centuries, and their uses never fail to hold high value scientifically. BEAUCON’s secret is blending Traditional Chinese herb extracts with time-tested western botanicals to generate powerful body and skin regeneration mechanisms.

Our team holds extensive knowledge of using and prescribing herbal medicines. We develop scientifically-innovative formulas by integrating all these aspects. By approaching beauty formulations like a duck to water, our team can identify the perfect balance amongst key ingredients to deliver maximum benefit.

We value family and friends, and our loved ones were the first to test our products before launch. This way, we know that everyone can trust the quality, safety and of course, effectiveness of our formulations.