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Fo-ti (Fallopia multiflora or Polygonum multiflorum) is a Chinese herbal medicine that’s derived from a plant that primarily grows in China, Japan, Tibet and Taiwan. Fo-ti is a member of the plant family called Polygonaceae and has red stems, heart-shaped leaves, and either white or pink flowers. Various parts of the plant are utilized for different medicinal purposes, including the leaves, root tuber, stem and rhizomes.

Many of fo-ti’s benefits are due to its supply of antioxidants and beneficial compounds, including anthraquinones, emodin and chrysophanic acids.

Fo-ti is used in certain skin care and hair products and can be applied directly to the skin to help treat many different ailments, such as acne, sores, carbuncles, skin eruptions, itching, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, razor burn and scrapes. Fo-ti can protect the skin thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, according to WebMD.

Paeonia lactiflora was known as the white peony (P. albiflora) when first introduced into Europe. In China, P. albiflora is likened to “the Minister of Flowers”. It is an ancient Chinese herb that is extremely beneficial in immune health, as well as aiding in hair loss.

The presence of White Peony in your system acts as an anti-inflammatory to counteract the issues that hormonal imbalance causes on your scalp. When too much testosterone is present hair loss occurs, and White peony helps to alleviate that hormonal imbalance.

Stress plays a major role in hair loss. When an individual goes through a lot of stress, it takes its toll on the body system and some essential minerals are shredded in the process. The minerals are the food the hair needs to grow and losing these minerals would have an adverse effect on the hair.

Rehmannia Glutinosa as it is sometimes called is a perennial herb from China rich in minerals and nutrients used in treating most ailments. The herb is rich in amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and D. It also contains several other compounds that help in the treatment of stress. This is why it has become a choice ingredient for many people when it comes to the treatment of hair loss. As it has been confirmed insufficient vitamins, protein and stress are some core factors that lead to hair loss, the roots of Rehmannia Glutinosa comes with many the ingredients that enhances vitamin production needed to help in restoring the growth of hair in the body while also providing the essential elements that help in combating stress.

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